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Stress Reduction - Means living at ease in our daily lives

In our DWI classes, we offer individuals training on how to skillfully use our minds. This is something that no one has ever taught us about. No one has ever shared that we have a say over what our minds are full of. Many participants have this moment where they’re like, ‘Yeah, this makes so much sense.’

“It’s literally like giving them water when they’ve been so severely dehydrated. They just drink it in.”

My students report that self care becomes important again and that they’re even sleeping better. They find that this also helps in relating more easily to their children, partners, co-workers and employers. This new learning practice helps us manage stress. “Very few of us are taught any skillful means of dealing with that mountain of stress and all that stress is what makes the use of drugs and alcohol so appealing,”

These individuals are becoming empowered to resource the wholeness that’s inside of them and develop inner resilience.

Here is a recent testimonial: "I'm very glad I chose Beyond Addiction for my counseling needs. Linda Hamilton and her staff of prossional therapists are compassionate and truly care about each client. The things I learned have changed my life. My biggest takeaways from the program are the concept of Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) and the idea of living in the present moment. I'd never heard of this before, and it is something I wish I'd been introduced to earlier in life. Thank you so much, Linda and staff. You've made a positive difference in this person's life. S.W. - Weaverville, NC"