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Tip #1) Breathe, Tip #2) Let Go, Tip #3) Be Kind to your "self", and you can also familiarize yourself with the classes provided by Beyond Addiction.

Beyond Addiction Class Schedule

Mindfulness Self-Compassion Training

We have all had times when we feel stuck or unmotivated.Learning mindfulness and self-compassion can bring great relief and reduce our internal upsets. It is impossible to be an adult or an adolescent who hasn't experienced some form of procrastination or stuckness in accomplishing a goal.

Direction Intended: Clarity, Certainty, and Confidence. What if we could look at our experiences of life like we are looking at a sunset.

We will be utilizing the all‐new " matrix" to bring you out of that slump and into a clear state of mind!


Our ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) class will begin April. 07th, 2017 at our office located at 70 Woodfin Place, Suite 326D, Asheville NC 28806. Registration will begin at 8:30am. To register please call 828.225.2535. Class will begin at 9:00 am and last through 4:30 PM with 2 breaks during the session. This class is approved by NCSAPPB - 6 SA CEU's offered. During this class Linda Hamilton will reveal "the unconsidered choice" along with values in committed action.

DWI Classes

Monday and Thursday classes are 5-8PM

Tuesday and Thursday classes are 1-3PM

Saturday classes are 10:00-12:00PM

ADETS (Alcohol and Drug Education Traffic School) You can complete these classes within a week and a half, call Valerie @ 828-225-2535

Anger Management and the ACT Matrix

Program Outline (Certificate of Completion provided after the 12th session):

Introductory Session: Why you are coming here and what do you want to achieve.

SESSION 1: Assessing Your Anger and Where Your Anger Comes From

SESSION 2: What Drives Your Anger and How it Gets Fueled

SESSION 3: What is Underneath Your Anger

SESSION 4: Why You are Getting Stuck and Getting Unstuck

SESSION 5: Getting Your Needs Met

SESSION 6: Taking Responsibility for Yourself

SESSION 7: Changing Your Choices

SESSION 8: Positive Coping and Self-Management

SESSION 9: Self-Care and Developing an Anger Management Plan

SESSION 10: Your Future Journey

SESSION 11: Anger and the Family

SESSION 12: Closing and Graduation

Our Anger Management classes are accessible by appointment only. To schedule an Anger Management class please call 828.225.2535 and we'll be happy to assist you.

Should you be required to have an assessment, there will be a 45 minute Assessment Intake Session scheduled at your convenience prior to your beginning the classes. You will be contacted upon receipt of your registration to schedule the session. Please note that up to one session may be missed without consequence. Missing any further sessions will result in 45 minute make-up sessions. Please note these make-up sessions must be scheduled by you. Please re‐schedule as soon as you can due to limited slots on the facilitator's schedule. Individual sessions are $50.00. If an assessment is required, the fee is $75.00 to be paid at that appointment.

Hosted Classes

We are a private pay agency. We do not accept insurance.