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Meet Linda Hamilton, CEO of Beyond Addiction.

About Beyond Addiction

Beyond Addiction is the private practice of Linda Hamilton. Linda is certified as a Substance Abuse Counsellor, Strategic Intervention Coach and Anger Management Specialist. Linda specializes in Acceptance and Commitment Training, facilitates Substance Abuse Groups for adults and adolescents, and hosts How to Forget Smoking and Relationship Coaching.

Beyond Addiction assessments, evaluations, and counselling services provide treatment for persons addicted to alcohol or other drugs/substances in Asheville, NC and surrounding communities. We also offer assistance to the families of those with substance abuse problems. We provide the following assessment services: Substance Abuse Assessments (DWI / Pre and Post-trial), Court-Ordered Substance Abuse Assessments (Non-DWIs), and DOT/SAP Evaluations (Initial & Follow-up).

Linda Hamilton provides coaching and consultation services to individuals, couples, families and large groups. She is available to facilitate your groups. Her life and relationship coaching sessions are developed to work with you to set specific desired results and to create pathways to achieve these as directly as possible. Linda uses strategic interventions, human‐needs psychology and family systems training as well as problem‐solving, goal‐setting and solution‐oriented thinking systems and Acceptance and Commitment Training to create lasting and effective changes in her client's lives. Sessions and packages as well as on‐line training programs, are optimized to help you get the most benefit from your participation.

Linda's vast experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and families allows her to work with both small and large groups. She is able to facilitate on‐line training and groups to maximize each participant's experience. She has experience and training as well as a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Hawaii and has a Bachelor's degree in Substance Abuse. Linda continues to seek personal growth herself. She is involved in advanced training through the Robbins‐Madanes Coach Training Program in Strategic Interventions. In 2011 Linda was certified through this intensive training as a Strategic Intervention Coach and Marriage Educator based on the work of Cloe Madanes and Tony Robbins.

Linda currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina. Her interests include being with her husband, Willi, and with her beautiful grandchildren. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, traveling, reading, photography, volunteering in her community, and spending time with family and friends.