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Beyond Addiction - DWI Agency

70 Woodfin Place

Suite 326D

Asheville, NC 28806

Beyond Addiction is a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center with a primary focus on mental health and substance abuse treatment based at 70 Woodfin Place, Suite 326D in Asheville, NC. There are special groups and programs for DUI and DWI offenders. Programs are facilitated by Linda Hamilton, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, she specializes in mindfulness, self compassion and acceptance-based psychotherapy offering the highest quality of counselling which includes the model of Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

Beyond Addiction always strives to reach the highest level of treatment and education that will bring about the highest quality of life. Linda Hamilton specializes in mindfulness and acceptance-based psychotherapy. Although we would prefer for individuals to make it on their own, we recognize that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and those that are standing beside us offering a helping hand and assisting in our quality of life through support and relationship. We can provide you with the utmost care to provide such quality of life.

The North Carolina Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse announced that North Carolina will move to a single curriculum for the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) education programs. PRIME For Life has been chosen as the sole curriculum. PRIME Solutions is the program that is offered at Beyond Addiction for the treatment section. Beyond Addiction utilizes PRIME Solutions due to the fact that it's the best evidenced based program effective in assisting clients change their high risk choices ‐ and maintain their choice.

Past students of Linda Hamilton, CEO of Beyond Addiction

"I'm very glad I chose Beyond Addiction for my counseling needs. Linda Hamilton and her staff of professional therapists are compassionate and truly care about each client. The most important part of my DWI experience was getting to do my classes with Linda. I flew in from Seattle just to do this. Thank you so much, Linda and staff. You've made a positive difference in this person's life. W.J -Seattle, Washington"

What an amazing company Linda has created! The 30 hours I spent with Linda in her DWI classes were life changing. I never thought I could enjoy mandatory classes as much as I have at Beyond Addiction. Linda taught me how to meditate, have self-compassion and most importantly, be mindful in the present moment. I am walking away with countless life skills that I will forever be grateful to Beyond Addiction for. I could go on forever recommended 11/10 times! T.B. Sept. 13, 2015

"On a side note you will be proud to know that I have be sober for 311 days. I use my "tool bag" everyday. I have devoted my energy to bettering myself and finding happiness from more organic avenues. I know you work hard to help each individual that crosses your path but I wanted you to know it worked for me and I am grateful to you for that." DE

7/3/2015: Truth be told, I adore your energy and look forward to getting another dose when I see you after July 11th.!

RS Asheville, NC

I discovered the Present Moment and this has been life transforming.

-M.P. of Asheville, NC

I stopped smoking and using dip within the first week in Ms. Hamilton's groups. It was easy!

-K.C. of Asheville, NC

When I initially entered the classes for my DUI, I had the mindset that I just wanted to get this over with and be done with it. I expected to have an experience where it was people who hate their jobs and want us to get there and get out. Shame on me for that assumption. The positivity and clarity of mind I have gained from these classes will stay with me forever. As of the second week of January of this year, I am also cigarette-free. I have learned how to accept my mistakes and move on but strive to do better and love myself more. I am so thankful for this experience. Mistakes do not define who we are. What a great place. Linda and her crew are the cream of the crop. It is people like this who make a difference, because they truly care for the well-being of others.

- Rebecca G. of Asheville, NC

"Miss Linda has given me so many tools to help my life evolve into something useful, peaceful and active. Her overflowing, joyful, and compassionate energy is palpable; She is, indeed, a remarkable person. Linda is dedicated to teaching us how to live mindfully; to no longer live on auto-pilot where our thoughts control us rather than us controlling our thoughts. Rarely have I come across a person with such an active serenity. She is a true teacher - it is her calling. I am so grateful that I was led to her and took her classes. Who knows freedom? Who knows peace? This is the work of Linda."

- Lee P. of Asheville, NC

"Linda's teachings weave a net of self-value, becoming aware of your own personal standards of conduct. At about the 15 hour mark, I realized it was okay to forgive myself, something that I hadn't done before. I am learning to forgive myself for past transgressions as well."

- M.S. of Asheville, NC

"I believe that I have learned some valuable resources for directing my life in a rich and meaningful manner. I find that being aware of being in the present moment is very comforting for me. It is kind of the one thing I seem to have been searching for in life."

- J.S. of Asheville, NC

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